KFC Menu Prices South Africa

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Here is a list of latest and up-to-date KFC menu prices (South Africa).

Item Price

Box Meals

Fully Loaded Box with Buddy Bottle R100.67
Wicked Zinger Boxmeal R92.90
Fully Loaded Boxmeal R92.90
Reg Fully Loaded Box Meal With Zinger Burger And Buddy Drink R100.57
All Star Lunch Box Buddy R69.90
Wrapsta Box with Buddy Bottle R70.13
All Star Box with Buddy Bottle R79.75
All Star Lunch Box With Sweet Chilli Sauce Buddy R69.90
Chicken Lunch Box Buddy R59.90

Picked For You

Streetwise 2 R34.90
Streetwise 3 R49.90
Streetwise Two with Chips R41.23


Streetwise Five with Chips R101.23
Streetwise Three with Chips R59.57
Streetwise Three with Regular Pap R59.58
Streetwise Two with Regular Pap R41.21
Streetwise 5 R89.90


Drinks - 1.5 Litre Coca-Cola R28.61
1.5 Litre - No Sugar R26.60
Buddy Bottle 440ml R18.59
Bonaqua Still Spring Water 500ml R14.90

Special Promos

1.5 Litre Coca-cola R21.29
1.5 Litre Drink Excluding Coca-cola R21.32
1.5 Litre No Sugar Coca-cola R20.00

Family Treat

Family Treat 10pc R274.57
Family Treat 8pc R236.57
Kentucky for 2 with Buddy Bottles R126.90

Snacks & Sides

Colonel Dip R6.00
Sweet Chilli Dip R6.00
Regular Sprinkle Pops R45.90
Regular Coleslaw R18.57
Large Mash and Gravy R22.57
Regular Mash and Gravy R14.90
6pc Nuggets R29.90
9pc Nuggets R35.90


Krusher Burger Meal R70.90
Kentucky for 2 with buddy drinks R126.90
All in One Feast R155.06

Anytime Snacking

Pops R23.59
Dunked Pops R35.90
Regular Chips R20.90
Oreo Krusher R35.57
Verry Berry Krusher R35.53

Add ons

Mini Loaf R8.18
Mash & Gravy R17.90
Chips R22.90
4 Hot Zinger Wings R26.90
Sprinkle Pops R34.90
10 Hot Zinger Wings R59.90
Small Pops R19.90
Large Pops R43.79
1 Piece of Chicken R19.90
2 Piece Chicken R32.90
Snack Burger R20.58


Boxmaster Twister R54.90
Sweet Chilli Twister R43.90
Classic Twister R43.90
Hawaiian Twister R48.90
Grilled Twister R43.90

Try Me I Am New

All In One R109.90
6 Nuggets R26.90
Original Dunked Burger R43.90
9 Nuggets R32.90
Original Dunked Burger Meal R68.90
Hot & Crispy Box R59.90
Streetwise Bucket for 1 R32.90
BBQ Crunch Burger R29.90
5+5 Bucket R144.90
BBQ Crunch Meal R59.90
Hot & Crispy Streetwise 3 R49.90
BBQ Crunch Box R59.90
Streetwise 1 R21.90
Streetwise 1 Mash and Mini Loaf R21.90
Wrapsta Box R59.90

Breakfast Meal

A.M Crunch Burger Meal R57.90
A.M. Tower Burger Meal R84.90
A.M. Deluxe and Egg Meal R76.90
A.M. Grilled Deluxe + Egg Meal R76.90
A.M Brekkie Crunch Wrap Meal R59.90
A.M. Colonel Burger Meal R73.90
A.M. Deluxe Meal R69.90
A.M. Grilled Deluxe Meal R69.90
A.M. Riser Meal R56.90
A.M. Snacker Meal R45.90
Toasted Tomato and Cheese Meal R56.90
Toasted Egg Tomato and Cheese Meal R56.90
Toasted Chicken and Mayo Meal R56.90


Family Treat 10 Piece R234.90
Family Treat 8 Piece R214.90
Family Treat 6 Piece R189.90
9 Piece Bucket R143.82
15 Piece Bucket R231.37
21 Piece Bucket R309.89
24 Wings Bucket R142.90
Streetwise Feast 6 Piece R124.90
Streetwise Feast 8 Piece R149.90


A.M Double Crunch Burger R69.90
A.M. Crunch Wrap R35.60
A.M or Tower Burger R54.90
A.M Tower Burger R54.90
A.M. Deluxe and Egg R46.90
A.M. Colonel Burger R43.90
A.M. Grilled Deluxe + Egg R46.90
A.M. Streetwise 3 R49.90
A.M. Deluxe R39.90
A.M. Streetwise 2 Chips R36.90
A.M. Grilled Deluxe R39.90
A.M. Streetwise 2 Pap R34.90
A.M Brekkie Crunch Wrap R29.90
A.M. Riser R26.90
A.M Crunch Burger R27.90
A.M. Snacker + Snack Patty R21.90
Toasted Tomato and Cheese R26.90
A.M. Snacker R15.90
Toasted Egg Tomato and Cheese R26.90
Toasted Chicken and Mayo R26.90

Burger Meals

Double Crunch Burger Meal R84.90
Tower Burger Meal R84.90
Colonel Burger Meal R73.90
Hawaiian Burger Meal R84.90
Original Zinger Burger Meal R73.90
Zinger Tower Burger Meal R84.90
Crunch Burger Meal R53.53
Grilled Burger Meal R73.90
Snack Burger Meal R48.90


Double Crunch Burger R54.90
Colonel Burger R43.90
Tower Burger R54.90
Hawaiian Burger R54.90
Original Zinger Burger R43.90
Crunch Burger R27.90
Zinger Tower Burger R54.90
Wrapsta R31.47
Grilled Burger R43.90

Twister Meals

Boxmaster Twister Meal R84.90
Classic Twister Meal R73.90
Hawaiian Twister Meal R78.90
Grilled Twister Meal R73.90
Sweet Chilli Twister Meal R73.90

Wing Meals

10 Dunked Wings Meal R99.90
10 Zinger Wings Meal R89.90
4 Dunked Wings Meal R62.90
4 Zinger Wings Meal R56.90


10 Dunked Wings R81.02
10 Zinger Wings R71.02
4 Dunked Wings R38.55
4 Zinger Wings R32.37
24 Zinger Wings R169.90


KFC Salad R48.90
Green Salad R32.90
Coleslaw R21.90


2L Coke R30.90
440ml Buddy Drink R16.90
500ml Still Water R13.90
250ml Liqui Fruit R11.90


Yoghurt Krusher - Verry Berry R29.90
Creamy Krusher - Oreo R29.90
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KFC South Africa FAQ

How much is a 10 Hot Zinger Wings at KFC in South Africa?

10 Hot Zinger Wings – R59.90

How much is a Large Pops at KFC in South Africa?

Large Pops – R41.90

How much is a Hawaiian Twister at KFC in South Africa?

Hawaiian Twister – R48.90

How much is a Toasted Tomato and Cheese Meal at KFC in South Africa?

Toasted Tomato and Cheese Meal – R56.90

How much is a 6 Nuggets at KFC in South Africa?

6 Nuggets – R26.90

How much is a 15 Piece Bucket at KFC in South Africa?

15 Piece Bucket – R219.90

How much is a Colonel Burger Meal at KFC in South Africa?

Colonel Burger Meal – R73.90

How much is a Fully Loaded Boxmeal at KFC in South Africa?

Fully Loaded Boxmeal – R92.90

How much is a 10 Dunked Wings at KFC in South Africa?

10 Dunked Wings – R69.90

How much is a KFC Salad at KFC in South Africa?

KFC Salad – R48.90