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Updated: January 9, 2024

KFC, one of the world’s most renowned fast-food chains, has been a staple in Australia since the 1960s. It has become a popular choice among Australians, especially families and young adults, who want a quick and tasty meal. In this article, we’ll explore the popularity, reputation, and factors that have contributed to KFC’s success in Australia.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date KFC menu prices. (Australia)

Item Price


BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Combo $16.64
Double Tender Burger Combo $11.46
Original Bacon and Cheese Burger Combo $13.65
Original Recipe Burger Combo $12.65
Zinger Crunch Burger Combo $14.61
Zinger Bacon and Cheese Burger Combo $13.64
Zinger Burger Combo $12.65
Zinger Crunch Burger $10.61
Original Recipe Burger $8.59
Zinger Stacker Burger $12.15
Zinger Burger $8.60
Zinger Stacker Burger Combo $16.15
Original Bacon and Cheese Burger $9.84
Double Tender Burger $7.52
Original Recipe Bacon and Cheese Burger $8.08
Zinger Bacon and Cheese Burger $9.56
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger $12.49

Featured items

Zinger Stacker Burger Box Hot and Crispy $18.88
Zinger Burger Box Hot and Crispy $15.67


Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken $6.34
Go Bucket 1 Original Tender $6.31
Go Bucket 2 Wicked Wings $6.30
Go Bucket 3 Nuggets $6.32
Popcorn and Slider Pack $9.45
Original Supercharged Slider $4.62
Original Pepper Mayo Slider $4.63
Original BBQ Slider $4.62
Kids Meal with Snack Popcorn Chicken $8.09
Kids Meal with BBQ Slider $8.06
Original Tenders Crunch Bowl Combo $14.54
Kids Meal with Nuggets $8.08


10 Nugget Combo $14.65
10 Wicked Wings Combo $17.49
3 Original Tenders Combo $14.18
3 Wicked Wings Combo $10.16
5 Original Tenders Combo $16.88
1 Piece of Chicken $3.95
6 Nugget Combo $12.62
6 Pieces of Chicken $16.83
6 Wicked Wings Combo $13.17
21 Pieces of Chicken $40.45
Maxi Popcorn Chicken Combo $14.77
Original Fillet Piece $4.95
Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo $11.90
Zinger Fillet Piece $4.95
1 Piece Original Recipe $3.70
6 Pieces $16.91
Snack Popcorn Chicken $3.95
21 Pieces $40.16
Regular Popcorn Chicken $7.97
Maxi Popcorn Chicken $10.70
3 Wicked Wings $6.23
6 Wicked Wings $9.23
Fillet Piece $5.95
10 Wicked Wings $13.60
5 Original Tenders $12.88
3 Original Tenders $10.02
6 Nuggets $8.80
10 Nuggets $10.81
Snack Popcorn Chicken Combo $7.95


3 Piece Box $15.25
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Box $18.85
Original Bacon and Cheese Burger Box $15.53
Zinger Crunch Burger Box $17.34
Favourites Box $16.17
Original Tenders Box $15.52
Ultimate Box $14.57
Zinger Bacon and Cheese Burger Box $16.27
Zinger Burger Box $15.46
Zinger Stacker Burger Box $19.39
Zinger Crunch Twister Box $16.58
Original Crunch Twister Box $16.10


Zinger Crunch Burger Box Hot and Crispy $17.44
Zinger Bacon and Cheese Burger Box Hot and Crispy $16.67
3 Pieces Hot and Crispy $8.00
3 Pieces Combo Hot and Crispy $11.77


Original Crunch Twister Combo $12.32
Original Tender Crunch Bowl Combo $13.53
Original Crunch TwisterCombo $14.34
Zinger Crunch Bowl Combo $13.55
Zinger Crunch Twister Combo $14.36
Original Tenders Crunch Bowl $10.03
Zinger Crunch Bowl $9.92
Zinger Crunch Twister   $10.42
Original Tender Crunch Bowl $9.86
Original Crunch Twister  $9.96


Burger Feast $36.28
Delivery Feast $38.76
Family Feast $40.22
Fried Night Footy Feast $42.48
Giant Feast $51.72
Mixed Feast $30.92


Large Chips $5.49
Regular Chips $4.15
Large Potato and Gravy $7.26
Regular Potato and Gravy $5.28
Double Chocolate Mousse $3.76
Large Coleslaw $7.39
Regular Coleslaw $5.39
Regular Gravy $4.72
Dinner Roll $0.99
Chocolate Mousse $3.19
Dipping Sauces $0.54
Crunchy Jalapeno Slaw $7.87


Water 600mL $3.95
Bottled Water $3.78
Orange Juice $3.79
Apple Juice $3.64
Sparkling Water $3.91
Lipton Peach Ice Tea $4.71
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The History of KFC in Australia

KFC first opened its doors in Australia in 1968, in Guildford, a suburb of Sydney. Since then, it has expanded to over 600 restaurants across the country, making it a well-known brand in Australia. The Australians love KFC for its variety of options and the quality of its food.

The Menu of KFC in Australia

KFC in Australia offers a range of options, including chicken burgers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and buckets for groups. The restaurant also provides healthier options, such as salads and grilled chicken, for those seeking healthier options. Australians appreciate the convenience and taste of the food options offered by KFC, which has contributed to its popularity in the country.

The Reputation of KFC in Australia

KFC in Australia has a strong reputation, and it’s easy to see why. The Australians praise the quality of the food, the excellent customer service, and the convenient locations of the chain. The staff members are known for being friendly and efficient, which has further contributed to its popularity among Australians. Additionally, KFC has been actively involved in community programs, which has helped to improve its reputation in the country.


KFC has become a household name in Australia, thanks to its delicious food, convenient locations, and excellent reputation. The chain’s focus on quality ingredients, customer service, and commitment to the community has contributed to its success in the country. With over 600 restaurants throughout Australia, KFC will continue to be a top choice for Australians seeking a quick and tasty meal.

To find out more about KFC, visit their official website at KFC.

KFC Australia FAQ

How much is zinger burger at KFC Australia?

Zinger Burger – $7.31

How much are 10 nuggets combo at KFC in Australia?

10 Nugget Combo – $12.55

How much is original twister at KFC Australia?

Original Twister – $8.15

How much are bucket of popcorn chicken at KFC Australia?

Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken – $5.09

How much is an Original Tenders Box in Australia?

Original Tenders Box – $14.03

How much is a Family Feast in Australia?

Family Feast – $36.26

How much is a BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger in Australia?

BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger – $11.16

How much is an Original Tender Box in Australia?

Original Tenders Box – $14.03

How much is a Large Chips in Australia?

Large Chips – $5.09

How much is a Large Potato and Gravy in Australia?

Large Potato and Gravy – $7.02

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